Object layout

The infrastructure of the centre spreads on 16 ha of a fenced area.

The entire complex is composed of training facilities with road infrastructure, and of access roads have the surfaces made of paving stone, whereas facilities B and C the concrete ones, together with elements for the practice of sliding on the training track.

The dimensions of the facilities are as follows:

  • Facility A – the training yard, having the following dimensions: 20 m X 100 m.
  • Facility B – the ring-shaped sliding area, having the diameter of 54 m.
  • Facility C – the rectangular sliding area, having the following dimensions: 40 m X 150 m.
  • Facility D – the training track, having the following length: 813 running meters.

Apart from the training facilities, the following are at our disposal: the administration and educational building containing two rooms (lecture and conference).

On the area of the centre, there is a car park for customers, which can be used by them free-of-charge, and which can provide parking space for up to 40 passenger vehicles; it is also possible for buses to park effortlessly there.

The complex is lit, which makes it possible for us to conduct courses until the late hours of the night. It is also under CCTV-surveillance to ensure security.