Who we are?

The year 2011 will remain in our memory as the one in which the decision concerning building a driving technique improvement centre was made. Little less time than two months had passed between coming up with the idea and taking the first steps to make it come true when we were already looking for an interesting location for the planned complex, which would also be convenient for our customers. In the first half of 2012, we resolved to choose what we feel to be the finest possible location, namely the one in Międzychodzie (commune Dolsk).

The next step to be taken by us was collecting a team of experts, people with specialist knowledge in their fields, that were working on the designs of the entire investment project for the nearest months. It had been assumed that the driving technique improvement centre would be prepared in the strictest compliance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 16th January, 2013, on driving technique improvement.

In July, 2012, the actual construction works were commenced. The road ahead which we were all facing was long and difficult, as well as frequently bumpy, but we managed to complete the project together. Organization, fully professional attitude and the commitment of subcontractors were at such a high level that it was as soon as in December that we were able to commence operating the complex.

Today, we pride ourselves of the first driving technique improvement centre providing training at a higher level which was built from the scratch.

In order to have our qualifications formally recognized, in December 2012, our Centre was entered into the register kept by the Voivode of Greater Poland, and received the number 006P therein, as a centre having qualifications to train drivers of the following categories: ¢A¢, ¢B¢, ¢C¢, ¢C+E¢ and ¢D¢. In addition to that, we obtained an official document issued by the Starosta of Śrem and confirming having been entered into the register of schools and non-public educational institutions, and receiving the number 81 therein. The acquired qualifications make it possible for us to conduct courses in the scope of driving technique improvement in accordance with the general principles governing the educational system.

The objective which has been adopted by our Centre is to improve the level of safety on roads, and this is the guiding principle of our work in the course of writing curricula, and, first and foremost, in that of training the participants in our courses. We do not confine ourselves to that, but we also employ driving instructors that are passionate about sharing their knowledge based on several years of experience, and who are committed to what they do.

The courses in our centre are conducted on four facilities: a training yard, a ring-shaped sliding area, a rectangular sliding area, and also on a training track. The centre has been prepared in such a way so as to make it possible for it to be used for seven days a week until the late hours of the night; for that very reason, the entire area of it is lit and under CCTV-surveillance. Apart from the training facilities, the following are at our disposal as well: an administration and educational building, containing two rooms (lecture and conference), and also a waiting room for customers. The entire complex is adjusted to the needs of the disabled.

While organizing courses, we treat their quality and maintaining the fully professional character of them as our priorities. After every course, we conduct the surveys of customer service quality and course quality. We collect opinions and hints so as to be able to improve what we do and the way in which we do it.